Premium New Zealand whisky from seed to sip



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The site of Auld Distillery has been growing grain since 1883.

Three generations of family – all named Robert – have worked the land in this isolated corner of New Zealand, right at the bottom of the world. Remote and beautiful, Southland is fertile country – perfect for crops. Perfect, too, for cultivating curiosity.

We’re passionate about this place we call home. We know the nuances and eccentricities of the land as well as we do our own. We follow the change of the seasons; the cycle of growth and harvest. But we wanted to discover more, to see what else we could produce right here on our piece of pastoral paradise.

We thought ‘what if…?’

What if we could bottle the essence of our land, our history, our story.

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By combining grain from our paddocks and pure water from our own spring in our onsite distillery, our whisky truly embodies our grain-to-glass philosophy.

We know the origins and ingredients of our spirits because we grow, harvest and craft them ourselves.

It’s about patience, curiosity and the desire to create a legacy for the future, beginning right here, in the southernmost distillery in New Zealand.